Activ Roll Massage

Most people that visit Vacu Fitness for the first time have never seen anything like the ‘Rollers’ before, but the Activ Roll Massage quickly becomes part of their routines, especially as it works so well with many other activities we have to offer.

Now for the science….

Our Activ Roll Massagers are designed to effectively stimulate lymph circulation. It helps eliminate waste products and toxins from your body, such as cellulite. It reduces swelling and improves your skins overall condition. Roll massage improves your skins elasticity and its firmness. It helps to speed up metabolism in your muscles as well as your subcutaneous parts.
During the massage your body releases endorphins also known as the ‘runners high’. Endorphins are used internally as a pain killer; they give a strong sense of physical and mental relaxation. They are a strong analgesic, and give a pervasive sense of happiness, both physical and emotional.

Effects of the ‘Rollers’:

  • Shaping up and strengthening your body
  • Improvement of your overall skin condition
  • Fat and cellulite reduction
  • Muscles stimulation
  • Activation of the lymphatic circulation
  • Stimulation of substance exchange
  • Metabolism boost and blood circulation enhancement
  • Overall energy level boost
  • Overall mood improvement


“The Rollers at Vacu Fitness became a necessary part of my workout routine when I realised how amazing they were for my DOMS [delayed onset muscle soreness]. If I can get onto the Rollers within 24 hours of a hard workout the effect they have lessens the pain and keeps me moving freely, which is amazing! They mean I can workout harder and more frequently as I know there are solutions available, thank you Vacu Fitness!”

If you want to know more, or see for yourself what the Activ Roll Massage can do for you, pop in or get in touch.

*We recommend that you wear long fitted trousers i.e. sport leggings when using Activ roll massagers, and no loose clothing.

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