• Vacu Treadmill & Bikes

  • £8.5030 minutes
    • The Vacu Activ Equipment (whether it be bike or treadmill) can burn up to 5,000 calories in a 30 minute session. It aids inch loss around some of the traditional ‘problem’ areas such as thighs, hips, waist and stomach; it also helps to smooth and firm up the skin making it look healthier.

  • Activ Roll Massage

  • £8.0036 minutes
    • Our Activ Roll Massagers are designed to effectively stimulate lymph circulation. It helps eliminate waste products and toxins from your body, such as cellulite & speeds up your metabolism. It reduces swelling & improves your skins overall condition. Roll massage improves your skins elasticity & its firmness.

  • 3D LIPO

  • FROM95.00.
    • Lipo is the procedure that helps get rid of fat from the body, 3D Lipomed is a powerful new approach to liposuction that does not involve surgery. It reduces body fat by destroying fat cells instead of just breaking them down. The treatments are non-invasive, pain free, with ‘no down time’


Vacu Activ Equipment – Bikes & Treadmills

30 minute session: £8.50

Active Roll Massage

36 minute session: £8.00
60 minute session: £10.00

Sauna Infrared & Chromo therapy

1 person- £10.00

2 people- £13.00

3 people- £15.00

4 people- £20.00

3D LipoMed

Consultation 30 minutes:  £20.00
60 Minute session:  £95.00
Course of 8 Treatments: £670.00
Cryofuse PPC Mesotherapy:  £45.00

2 Areas:  £250.00
1 Area:  £150.00
Chin:  £150.00

UK Vacu Gym

Direct Debit Plans  – Ask for Details

Gold Plan Saving £73.50£75.00 PCM

Platinum Plan Saving £104.50:   £110.00 PCM

VIP Plan  Saving £ 150.50£130.00 PCM

Course Prices: Huge savings!

Vacu Bike 10 sessions:  £70.00

Treadmill 10 sessions:  £70.00

Activ Roll 10 sessions:  £55.00

Activ Roll 10 sessions 60 min:  £75.00


Per minute:  £0.50

30 minutes:  £13.00

60 minutes:  £25.00

90 minutes:  £37.00

120 minutes  + FREE 1.5ml  Cream:  £50.00

Spray Tanning:  £15.00

NaturaWhiteTeeth Whitening £199.00 – Now at 50% DISCOUNT              £99.00



Recommend a friend to VACU FITNESS and both you and your friend will get one session of Vacu Activ Treadmill, Activ Roll Massage or up to 10 minutes of Tanning.
All you need to do is pick up one or more Recommend a Friend forms.
This card must be produced by your friend on their first visit and both you and your friend will receive your free session.
This offer applies if your friend decides to buy one of the courses.
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Corporate Club


If you work for a company of 10 or more people, you can enjoy the benefits of Vacu Fitness Gym Corporate Club. If your company joins the Vacu Fitness Gym Corby Corporate Club you will receive a 5% discount off all services when you spend £20 or more.

The Corporate Club discount is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Vacu Fitness Gym also gives amazing deals throughout the year exclusively to our Corporate Club members through our newsletter which will be emailed to you.

To apply for a Corporate Club membership, please contact us on 01536 269795 us your details and we will arrange it for you.

Gift Vouchers


Vacu Gift Cards Now Available! You can buy gift cards for any value that you wish to purchase. Please visit us today for more details!