Terms and Conditions



Vacu Fitness Gym Customers

  • The customer must be 18 years old or above.
  • Read, sign and adhere to the Vacu Fitness Gym terms and conditions
  • Pay the service fee before a session
  • Be inducted and familiarised with the use of Vacu Fitness Gym equipment
  • Be aware of any condition that may cause injury when using Vacu Fitness Gym equipment
  • Our staff are not medically qualified so if you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to exercise, we strongly recommend that you get advice from a doctor first.
  • For hygiene purposes, we advise clients to use appropriate clothing while exercising.


The use of the Vacu Fitness Gym equipment

  • Customers who make reservations over the phone, online or at reception, have the priority use of gym equipment.
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. If you have a course with us, the session will be recorded as ‘used’ and will not be refunded.
  • People without a course are required to confirm their session reservation and make full payment or pay the deposit at least 24 prior to the start of the session. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the session reservation.
  • Deposit paid at the time of the booking is non-refundable. In the event of the client deciding to cancel the session or changing the date of appointment 24 Hours prior to the start of booked session deposit payment will be credited to customers account and deducted from the final payment.


Monthly membership / Season tickets and Special offers

  • Vacu Fitness Gym courses and monthly membership plans are issued individually and cannot be used by anyone other than the named person on the course.
  • Monthly membership sessions cannot be transferred to the following months and are renewed each month once your direct debit payment has been made.
  • Courses are non-refundable. You can use your sessions within 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Vacu Fitness customers are eligible to use special offers offered by Vacu Fitness Gym and beauty clinic which will have separate terms and conditions. In case of multiple offers customers cannot use these offers with conjunction with other offers / discounts. Only one offer as stipulated.


Additional terms and conditions

  • By purchasing Vacu Fitness Gym services the customer is confirming that he/she doesn’t suffer from any health conditions that might prevent her/ him from physical or recreational exercise. In case of any such condition, customers are advised to consult with their Doctor prior to the start of a session.
  • No Photos or video recording is permitted within the Gym facility.


Vacu Fitness Gym reserves the rights to:

  • Change the terms and conditions. – When we do, they will be available for you to read on our company website vacufitnessgym.com. We encourage customers to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed.
  • Change the pricing of our services and products.
  • Cancel or refuse to issue a course / membership without providing a reason when a customer doesn’t adhere to terms and conditions and/or expose Vacu Fitness Gym to physical or mental loss. Use of bad language within the facility and any abuse of Staff will not be tolerated and result in the immediate cancelation of your sessions and membership.
    Please report to the reception 5 minutes before the start of the scheduled session time. For the start of the session with a delay of up to 10 minutes, session will be shortened by this time. More than 10 minutes lateness will result in cancelation of the session, and the session will be marked as used.


Vacu Fitness Gym employees do not take any responsibility for any personal property left at the premises.

Please observe these recommendations for sunbed use

  • A UVA suntan system has a therapeutic and beneficial effect, creating a feeling of wellbeing and health. It is however important to exercise similar caution, as in bathing in natural sunlight. Build your tan slowly, especially if you have sensitive or fair skin.
  • 15 minute sessions should be observed until you have established a tan.
  • Wear the eye protection at all times.
  • Avoid body sprays, cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants prior to the treatment. Do not use sun tan lotions. Accelerator may be used only after consultation.
  • Should you feel any adverse effect during the treatment, stop the equipment with the button provided and inform the staff in attendance.
  • Ensure that no signs of redness remain before your next appointment.
  • If you are currently being treated for any ailment, on a course of prescription medication, or there is a possibility that you maybe be pregnant, consult your practitioner prior to commencing your course.
  • When using a sunbed is that there are limitations on how long your session should last. For a novice user or someone who is very fair skinned, freckled, burns easily and who doesn’t naturally tan much in the sun the sessions should be kept very short. This is that a person’s ability to tan is effected by the levels of melanin in their skin. A person with more melanin will find it easier to tan and will also be less at risk of any potential side effects of using sunbeds, such as skin cancer, although it is still essential for them to use protective measures.
  • As a rule,someone with low melanin levels in their skin should limit their session to a maximum of 5 minutes. People with an ‘olive’ complexion can extend this time, but it is best not to stay on the sunbed beyond 15 minutes to minimise long term damage to your complexion and your health.
  • The frequency of the sessions should be limited to 3 times a week or less, and once you have achieved the depth of tan you desire cut down your visits so that you are only visiting the tanning salon often enough to maintain the tan.
  • The staff at the tanning salon should be able to advise you on how to tan safely and effectively based on your personal skin type.